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We are a company based on integrity, diligence, and innovation.

We value all our stakeholders, respect our environment, and genuinely care about our employees.

Our Story

TEXEGY LLC is an oil and gas company that was founded in October 2014.  The company gets its name from the combination of Texas and Egypt. Its lion icon "Aker" is the God of Horizons East & West in ancient Egypt. Aker is moving towards the West, symbolizing, the company's Egyptian origin and destination in Texas.   


Coming to the West, TEXEGY teamed up with the management of SV Energy Company out of Corpus Christi, Texas, to acquire, develop and operate oil and gas assets in Texas and Louisiana. 


TEXEGY currently has producing fields in McMullen and Austin counties in Texas and Beauregard and Vernon parishes in Louisiana.




TEXEGY Timeline

Aug 2013- Mocsaro was formed in 2013, as an investment vehicle in Luxembourg with an investment of $300MM equity to form a “focused operator” in the US Oil & Gas market​


Dec 2013- Mocsaro forms Oil Technologies (OT), a Delware LLC


Sept 2014- OT acquires the assets of SV Resource Partners


Oct 2014- TEXEGY LLC was formed as a partnership between OT and SV Energy Company


Dec 2015- TEXEGY signs PSA to aquire 2 fields (Austin Chalk & Wilcox) in Louisiana


Apr 2016- TEXEGY closes the Acquisition of the Louisiana fields.

Dec 2016-TEXEGY continues to acquire interest in the Austin Chalk & the Wilcox

Mar 2017- TEXEGY updates its geological model for its Wilcox  & Austin Chalk fields, and begins appraising and de-risking its acreage.

Jul 2018- TEXEGY agrees to lease part of its Austin Chalk acreage to Equinor   

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